Connect your IoT device securely to any mobile network world-wide 

Embed a secure anchor into your device, select mobile network you need anytime

We provide a secure identity for mobile IoT devices, which makes it possible to connect them securely to any mobile network world-wide and change this connectivity provider any time without a traditional SIM card 

  • Secure device identity 
  • GSMA eSIM full support   
  • Mobile operator-agnostic 
  • Fully controlled by you

Who we are

Although we are a young company, we continue development of embedded products with a 14-year-history of evolution and a very positive customer record 

Committed Experts 

We have a profound experience in development of secure element software and  GSMA eSIM implementations

Technology Pioneers 

We focus on fully open standards and new technologies to simplify integration and usage of our software stacks

Passionate Engineers 

We adapt  our products to specific customer requirements to fit their current or future business needs

Our Vision

     We believe in totally open mobile ecosystem, where a device owner,  be it an enterprise or a private user, can connect to a mobile network of his choice and change it any time 

 Every form factor of your choice

    Our universal RoT elements are available in various form factors: including SIM 2FF (mini), SIM 3FF (micro), SIM 4FF (nano), MFF2 and other solderable packages including WLCSP. You can select commercial grade, industrial grade and automotive. 


DFN 5x6
DFN 4x4.2

Product Configurations

Embedded products combine Root of Trust and GSMA eSIM functionality 

trusteeSIM Light 

Classic USIM

•ETSI UICC Release 12.0

•Global Platform 2.3.1 Compact 


trusteeSIM Standard 


•ETSI UICC Release 12.0

•Global Platform 2.3.1 Compact 

•Extended USIM and JC AP


•Isolated Applications

trusteeSIM Advanced 


•ETSI UICC Release 15.0

•Global Platform 2.3.1 UICC 

•Extended USIM and JC AP


•Isolated applications 



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